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Grow Tools Rope Ratchet Set 1/8''

Grow Tools Rope Ratchet Set 1/8''

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Grow Tools Rope Ratchet Set 1/8''

Grow Tools Rope Ratchets are a simple and convenient solution for hanging grow room equipment. Grow Tools Rope Ratchets are the best you can get.


  • Easy To Use
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Strong & Reliable
  • Fully Adjustable 
  • Versatile & Hard Wearing
  • Pack Of Two


Easy To Use

These rope ratchets are designed to be user-friendly. Simply hook them onto the equipment you need to hang, pull them tight, and they will lock in place. This eliminates the need for tying and untying knots, making the hanging process quick and hassle-free.


Strong & Reliable

The rope ratchets are super-strong and can hold up to 68kg of weight. This makes them ideal for hanging heavy equipment such as carbon filters, fans, ballasts, LED Grow Lights, reflectors, and other hydroponic equipment. Once locked in place, they will never break or slip, providing a secure hanging solution.


Fully Adjustable 

The rope ratchets offer adjustable length, allowing you to customize the height and position of your equipment. This flexibility ensures optimal placement and helps you achieve the desired setup in your hydroponic & indoor grow room.


Versatile & Hard Wearing

These rope ratchets are perfect for suspending LED Grow Lights. Their strong and reliable performance makes them suitable for various other applications, including hanging carbon filters, ventilation equipment, and other hydroponic accessories. They provide a versatile solution for all your hanging needs in the grow room.


Pack Of Two

The Rope Ratchets come in a pack of two, providing you with multiple ratchets for hanging multiple pieces of equipment. This gives you the convenience of having extra ratchets on hand whenever needed.

Grow Tools Rope Ratchets offer a reliable and convenient way to hang your grow room equipment. Their strength, adjustability, and ease of use make them a valuable addition to your hydroponic, soil or indoor gardening setup. Say goodbye to knots and unreliable hanging methods, and enjoy the simplicity and security provided by these rope ratchets.

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