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Grow Tools Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets

Grow Tools Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets

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Grow Tools Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets

When setting up your hydroponics grow room, you want to ensure that all equipment is securely mounted and easy to adjust. That's where the Grow Tools Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets come in.


  • Easy To Use
  • 2 Hangers Per Pack
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Strong & Reliable
  • Perfect For Heavy Lights & Filters
  • Essential Grow Room Tool
  • Versatile & Hard Wearing
  • Very High Quality


When setting up your grow room, securing and adjusting heavy equipment can be a daunting task. Grow Tools' Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets can make this task simple and secure.


Quick & Easy Installation

Setting up these ratchets is a breeze. Simply hang the large S-hook on a secure fixture, attach your equipment to the other end of the ratchet, and pull. The ratchet will lock in place, securely holding your equipment at the desired height.


Flexibility & Durability

Compared to traditional chains, these ratchet ropes offer more flexibility and reliability. They are designed to support heavy and bulky equipment, making them an essential tool for any grow room setup.


Each ratchet is designed to hold up to 65 kilograms, making them suitable for even the heaviest grow room equipment. The large S-hooks included with the ratchets allow for easy hanging of equipment, while the ratchets themselves lock in place securely, allowing you to adjust and maintain your equipment with ease and confidence.

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