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Grow Tools Budget Propagator

Grow Tools Budget Propagator

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Grow Tools Budget Propagator

The Grow Tools Budget Propagator is designed to provide an affordable solution for propagation for all indoor or hydroponic growers.


  • Creates The Perfect Rooting Environment
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Perfect For LED Grow Lights
  • Vented Lid
  • Semi-Translucent Lids For Adequate Light
  • Plentiful Size
  • Toxin-Free Plastic


Vented Lid. Plentiful Size.

One of its key features is the air vents located on the top of the propagator, which allow for the regulation of temperature and humidity levels inside the unit. These vents can be adjusted to control the airflow and create an optimal environment for young plant growth. And at 54cm x 28cm x 20cm is big enough to hold a large number of seedlings and cuttings.


Ideal Conditions For Germination & Early Growth

By adjusting the air vents, you can manage the temperature and humidity inside the propagator to create the ideal conditions for germination and early growth. Proper airflow helps prevent the buildup of excess moisture, reducing the risk of fungal diseases and promoting healthy plant development.


Affordable & Convenient

The Grow Tools Budget Propagator offers an affordable and convenient solution for controlling temperature and humidity during the critical propagation stage, giving your plants the best start possible for healthy and successful growth.

It's important to monitor and adjust the vents based on the specific requirements of your plants and the surrounding environment. Different plant species may have different temperature and humidity preferences, so it's crucial to research the optimal conditions for the plants you are propagating.


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