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Grow Tools 2" Silver Foil Tape

Grow Tools 2" Silver Foil Tape

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Grow Tools 2" Silver Foil Tape

The Silver Weave Tape is an exceptional product designed for use in grow rooms to handle large jobs and secure ducting to fans and filters. It is known for its strength, high-quality construction, and durability.


  • Super Adhesive
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Perfect For Fans & Filters
  • High Quality Weave 
  • Reinforced Design
  • Prevents Gaps In Ducting
  • Heat & Light Resistant
  • No Rips Or Tears
  • Superb Value For Money


Ultra Adhesive

The tape is equipped with a super adhesive that provides a strong and reliable bond. It adheres firmly to various surfaces, ensuring secure attachment.


Reinforced Cross-Weave Design

The tape is reinforced with a cross-weave design, enhancing its strength and resistance to tearing and ripping. This design ensures that the tape can withstand the demands of challenging grow room environments.


Tear & Rip Prevention

The reinforced cross-weave design of the tape prevents tears and rips, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness in handling large jobs. It can withstand rough handling and remains intact during use.


Highly Reflective Outer Surface

The tape features a highly reflective outer surface, which acts as a protective layer for the adhesive. It shields the adhesive from the potentially damaging effects of high heat and light commonly found in grow room environments.


Long-Lasting Grip

Due to its protective outer surface, the Silver Weave Tape maintains its grip throughout the entire duration of your crop. It remains secure and reliable, providing continuous support and stability.


Exceptional Value for Money

The tape offers excellent value for money as it combines exceptional quality, durability, and performance. Its ability to handle large jobs and provide reliable adhesion makes it a cost-effective choice for growers.

The Grow Tools Silver Weave Tape stands out for its strength, high-quality construction, and durability. Its super adhesive, reinforced cross-weave design, tear and rip prevention, and ability to maintain grip make it an ideal choice for securing ducting and tackling large tasks in grow rooms. It provides excellent value for money and ensures reliable performance throughout the growing process.

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