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Grow Tent Scrog Net

Grow Tent Scrog Net

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Grow Tent Scrog Net

Using a SCROG (Screen of Green) net is a proven technique to maximize yield in grow tents. A high-quality SCROG net is essential for botanical gardeners who aim to achieve the highest return on their investment. An essential for any indoor or hydroponic garden.


  • Vastly Improved Yields
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Control Leggy & Stretching Plants
  • Maximize Yield & Light Coverage
  • Perfect For All Grow Light Cultivators
  • Utilize Every Last Inch Of Your Grow Space
  • Increased Light Penetration Over The Canopy
  • Reusable & Adjustable


Vastly Improved Yields

By training your plants to grow horizontally along the SCROG net, you can effectively utilize the available space and increase your overall yield. The net helps create an even canopy, allowing each plant to receive adequate light and airflow for optimal growth.


Control Leggy & Stretching Plants

The SCROG net provides a framework for training plants and preventing them from growing tall and leggy. By weaving the plant's branches through the net, you encourage lateral growth and promote more even development.


Maximize Yield & Light Coverage

By creating an even canopy and promoting lateral growth, the SCROG net helps maximize the number of productive bud sites. This leads to increased yield and larger, denser flowers.


Perfect For LED Grow Light Cultivators

SCROG nets are particularly beneficial for growers using LED grow lights. LED lights tend to provide more even light distribution, and the SCROG net helps ensure that all parts of the plant receive optimal light penetration, resulting in better overall growth and yield.


Utilize Every Last Inch Of Your Grow Space

With a SCROG net, you can effectively utilize all available vertical and horizontal space in your grow tent. This allows you to make the most of your growing area and maximize the potential yield from each plant.


Increased Light Penetration Over The Canopy

By spreading out and training the plants horizontally, the SCROG net helps increase light penetration throughout the canopy. This ensures that all parts of the plant receive adequate light, promoting uniform growth and bud development.


Reusable & Adjustable

A high-quality SCROG net, like the one offered by Luxx, is designed to be durable and reusable. The net is fully adjustable, thanks to the corner hooks, allowing you to customize the size and shape according to your specific grow tent requirements.

Using a SCROG net from Luxx, the leading manufacturer in the UK, ensures that you have a top-quality product that meets your needs. By incorporating a SCROG net into your hydroponic and soil grow tent setup, you can take advantage of its numerous benefits and maximize your yield potential.

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