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Grow Room Wall Plate

Grow Room Wall Plate

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Grow Room Wall Plate

Vortex Wall Plates are designed to provide a simple and efficient connection point for ducting in a grow room.


Easily Attach Ducting To The Wall

These wall plates allow you to easily attach ducting to the wall, providing a secure and sealed connection. They are specifically designed for use in grow rooms and help to ensure proper airflow and ventilation.


Easy Passage Of Air

The wall plates are typically installed on the wall surface and have an opening or port where the ducting can be connected. This connection point allows for the easy passage of air between the grow room and the ventilation system. By using wall plates, you can ensure a clean and professional installation while maintaining the integrity of your grow room setup.


Durable & Resistant

Vortex Wall Plates are designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the conditions and demands of a grow room environment. These wall plates are typically compatible with various sizes of ducting, providing flexibility in connecting different ventilation components.

Vortex Wall Plates offer a convenient and effective solution for connecting ducting to the wall in a grow room, facilitating proper airflow and ventilation management.

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