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Grow Gadgets Temperature Controller

Grow Gadgets Temperature Controller

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Grow Gadgets Temperature Controller

The Grow Gadget Temperature Controller is a versatile device that allows you to control the temperature in your grow room with precision.


  • High Quality Build
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Controls Heaters Or Coolers
  • Memory Function
  • Easy Read Display
  • High Accuracy
  • 6000W max power load
  • 9oC – 50oC range
  • Controls Grow Room Temperature 
  • Cost Effective


Controls Cooler Or Heater

This temperature controller can be used to control either a cooler or a heater in your grow room, depending on your needs. It provides flexibility in maintaining the desired temperature range.


Memory Function

The temperature controller includes a memory function that allows you to save your preferred temperature settings. This feature ensures convenience and easy operation when using the controller.


6000W Max Power Load

With a maximum power load of 6000W, the temperature controller can handle the operation of high-power devices such as 2kW or 3kW heaters without any issues.


90C – 50oC Temperature Range

The temperature controller offers a temperature range of 9oC to 50oC, allowing you to set the desired temperature within this range for precise control.


Perfect For Running A 2kW/3kW Heater

The temperature controller is specifically designed to handle the operation of a 2kW or 3kW heater, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the temperature in your grow room.


Accurate To 1 Degree

The temperature controller provides accuracy up to 1oC, ensuring precise temperature control and maintaining a stable environment for your plants.


Temperature Probe Included

The temperature controller comes with a temperature probe that allows you to measure the ambient temperature accurately. The probe is an essential component for the controller to monitor and regulate the temperature effectively.


To use the Grow Gadget Temperature Controller, simply connect the temperature probe and set your desired temperature using the controller's interface. Plug in your heater or cooler to the temperature controller, and it will automatically adjust the operation of the connected device to maintain the set temperature. This allows you to create an optimal and consistent temperature environment in your grow room.

The Grow Gadget Temperature Controller provides a reliable and convenient solution for controlling the temperature in your grow room. With its high power load capacity, temperature range, accuracy, and included temperature probe, it offers precise temperature control to meet the needs of your plants.

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