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Heat Propagation Mat For Seedlings & Cuttings

Heat Propagation Mat For Seedlings & Cuttings

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Grow Gadgets Heat Propagation Mat

The Grow Gadgets Heated Mat is a versatile and reliable solution for promoting optimal growth conditions for young plants. Fresh from the experts at Grow Gadgets, these Heated Mats offer phenomenal value and outstanding performance. 


  • Promotes Optimal Growth Conditions
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Speeds Up Germination
  • Ultra Cheap To Run
  • Improves Cutting Success Rate
  • Waterproof & Robust
  • Available In 3 Sizes
  • Optimal Temperature Control


Promotes Optimal Growth Conditions

The heated mat warms seedlings up to 20℃ above room temperature, creating a warm and consistent environment that is ideal for germination and root development.


Speeds Up Germination

By providing gentle warmth, the mat accelerates germination times, allowing for faster growth without compromising hydroponic & soil grown plant health or yield size.


Ultra Cheap To Run

The heated mat is energy-efficient, ensuring that running it won't significantly increase your electricity costs.


Improves Cutting Success Rate

The warmth provided by the mat enhances cutting success rates by creating a favourable environment for rooting.


Waterproof & Robust

The mat is fully sealed and waterproof, making it resistant to splashes, spills, and leaks. It is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use.


Available In 3 Sizes

The heated mat is available in different sizes to suit your specific needs and growing space.


Optimal Temperature Control

The heated mat ensures a warm and consistent environment, preventing dormancy and damage caused by low temperatures.


Versatile Use

Suitable for any hydroponic, indoor growing space, including grow tents, sheds, and greenhouses.


Easy To Use

Simply place the mat inside your propagator, add your cuttings or seedlings, and plug it into a power source.


Remote Temperature Control Option

The mat can be connected to the Grow Gadgets Heated Mat Thermostat (sold separately) for convenient remote temperature control.

The Grow Gadgets Heated Mat is a durable and waterproof solution that enhances germination times, promotes strong early growth, and facilitates root development. It provides a warm and consistent environment for your young plants, ensuring they get the best start possible. An essential for any hydroponic and indoor grower.

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