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Grotek Monster Bloom

Grotek Monster Bloom

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Grotek Monster Bloom

Grotek Monster Bloom is a highly effective nutrient supplement that is specifically designed to support plants during the middle stages of flower development. It has gained a reputation for its ability to increase the overall harvest and improve the quality of blooms.


  • Helps Crops Ripen
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Increased Flower Size & Density
  • More Flavour. Intense Aroma
  • Organic Nutrients & Minerals
  • Exceptional Value For Money
  • For Soil & Hydroponics 
  • Exclusive Ingredient Blend
  • Optimum Nutrient Absorption
  • From The Experts At Growtek
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Larger Flower Clusters

One of the key features of Monster Bloom is its high concentration of phosphorous, which plays a vital role in promoting blooming and supporting plant metabolism. Phosphorous is essential for energy transfer, root development, and flower formation. By providing plants with a concentrated source of phosphorous, Monster Bloom encourages the growth of larger flower clusters.


Bigger Yields

Additionally, Monster Bloom contains potassium, which further enhances blooming and fruit quality. Potassium is involved in various physiological processes within the plant, including photosynthesis, starch production, and ripening. By providing an adequate supply of potassium, Monster Bloom supports the overall health and development of the plant, leading to improved harvest yields.


Help Your Plants Reach Their Full Potential

Using Grotek Monster Bloom can also contribute to the ripening process of crops, ensuring that they reach their full potential. It can enhance the development of mature and flavourful fruits, while also extending the shelf life of harvested produce.

Grotek Monster Bloom is a powerful nutrient supplement that helps build larger flower clusters, improves harvest yields, assists in crop ripening, and increases the shelf life of the harvested crops. It is a valuable tool for growers looking to maximise the productivity and quality of their plants during the flowering stage.

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