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Grolux 600W Sodium Grow Lamp

Grolux 600W Sodium Grow Lamp

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Grolux 600W Sodium Grow Lamp

The Sylvania Grolux 600W lamp is indeed a staple in the horticultural lighting industry. This high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp has been designed specifically with indoor plant cultivation in mind.


  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Long Lifespan
  • Latest Technology
  • Proven Performance 
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Super Energy Efficient
  • Low Heat Output
  • 90000 Lumens 
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay


Its spectrum leans heavily towards the red/orange end, which makes it particularly effective during the flowering stage, but it also emits a respectable amount of blue light, meaning it can effectively be used throughout the entire growth cycle.


Economical & Durable

These grow lamps are renowned for their durability, often outlasting other brands by a significant margin. As a result, they represent a very economical choice, especially for those operating on a tight budget. Over the years, Sylvania has built a reputation for quality, and the Grolux 600W is a prime example of this.


Yield Improvement

With the high output of 600W, this lamp has been proven to significantly improve the yield of plants. This makes it a perfect choice for growers who want to maximise their output without investing heavily in more expensive lighting options.


Long-lasting & Consistent

These lamps also maintain a very consistent output over their lifespan, which is not something that can be said of all lamps in this category. This ensures that your plants are getting the level of light they need, right up until the lamp is replaced.


The Sylvania Grolux 600W offers a great balance between cost and performance, and is a reliable choice for hydroponic, soil and indoor growers at all levels of experience. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, these lamps will deliver the goods without breaking the bank.

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