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Gold Label Grey Bag 60/40 45L

Gold Label Grey Bag 60/40 45L

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Gold Label Grey Bag 60/40 45L

Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 is a premixed hydroponic substrate designed for optimal performance in hydroponic systems.


  • Premium Hydroponics
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Prevents Root Rot
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Premium Oxygen Absorption
  • Enhanced Drainage
  • Ideal pH & EC Levels
  • Fast & Uniform Growth
  • From The Experts At Gold Label


Prevents Root Rot

The highly porous nature of Gold Label HydroCoco allows for efficient drainage, preventing excess water from accumulating around the roots. This helps to prevent root rot, a common issue in hydroponic systems caused by overwatering and poor drainage. With proper drainage, the roots can thrive and efficiently take in nutrients and water.


Enhanced Drainage & Nutrient Retention

Gold Label HydroCoco combines the benefits of coco coir and clay pebbles. Coco coir has excellent water-holding capacity and retains nutrients, while clay pebbles provide optimal drainage. This combination ensures that excess or stale nutrient solution is effectively drained away, reducing the risk of waterlogging and maintaining balanced pH levels. The roots can access water and nutrients as needed, promoting healthy growth.


Customizable Nutrient Solution

Gold Label HydroCoco does not contain additional nutrients, giving growers the flexibility to customize their nutrient solution based on the specific requirements of their plants. This allows for precise control over the nutrient composition and concentration, ensuring optimal nutrition for the plants throughout their growth cycle.

Improved Oxygen Circulation

The airy structure of Gold Label HydroCoco allows for ample oxygen circulation around the roots. This is crucial for root respiration and the uptake of oxygen, which supports robust root development and overall plant health. The increased oxygen availability promotes strong and vigorous growth, leading to higher yields.


RHP & Kiwa Certified

Gold Label HydroCoco holds RHP and Kiwa certifications, ensuring that the coco coir used in the substrate has been thoroughly cleaned and buffered to remove contaminants. With an EC value of less than 0.6, the substrate is nearly neutral, providing a stable foundation for nutrient uptake by the plants.


Super Easy to Use

Gold Label HydroCoco is ready to use straight out of the bag. Simply distribute the substrate evenly in the pots or containers without compacting it, as this could limit oxygen movement. Regularly weigh the pots to determine watering needs, ensuring that the plants are watered when they have reached approximately half of their fully-watered weight.

Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 offers the advantages of both coco coir and clay pebbles in a premixed substrate. It promotes excellent drainage, nutrient retention, and oxygen circulation, creating an ideal growing environment for hydroponic plants. With customizable nutrient solutions and certifications for quality and cleanliness, Gold Label HydroCoco provides growers with a reliable and effective substrate for their hydroponic systems.

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