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Foxfarm Open Sesame

Foxfarm Open Sesame

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Foxfarm Open Sesame

FoxFarm Open Sesame is a high-phosphorus soluble fertiliser specifically formulated for use during the early flowering stage of plant growth. It is designed to promote vigorous blooming and enhance bud development.


  • Powerful Bloom Enhancer
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Bigger, Thicker Buds & Flowers
  • For Soil & Hydroponics 
  • Exclusive Ingredient Blend
  • Massive Flower Development
  • Optimum Nutrient Absorption
  • Cali Growers Secret Weapon
  • Better Flavour & Aroma
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Delivers Targeted Nutrients

Open Sesame can be used in various growing systems, including hydroponics, container gardening, and soil-based cultivation. It is easily absorbed by the plants' root systems and delivers targeted nutrients precisely when they are needed.


Strong & Healthy Flowers

By providing a high concentration of phosphorus, Open Sesame supports the development of strong and healthy flowers and buds. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for flowering plants as it plays a crucial role in energy transfer, root development, and overall plant growth.


Maximise Blooming Potential

Using Open Sesame during the early weeks of flowering helps ensure that plants have access to the necessary nutrients to maximise blooming potential. It helps stimulate robust flower formation, leading to larger, more abundant, and higher quality blooms.

Whether you're growing in hydroponic systems, containers, or traditional soil gardens, FoxFarm Open Sesame is a reliable fertiliser that can provide targeted nutrition during the critical early flowering stage. It allows plants to thrive and reach their full blooming potential.

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