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Emerald Harvest pH Up

Emerald Harvest pH Up

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Emerald Harvest pH Up

Emerald Harvest pH Up is a premium pH corrector designed to fix imbalances in nutrient solutions and hydroponic systems..


  • Fast & Gentle 
  • Maintains Stable Conditions
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Suitable For Soil, Coco & Hydroponics
  • No Stress To Plants
  • Requires No Additional Boosters
  • Essential Micronutrients
  • From the Experts At Emerald Harvest
  • Beneficial Microorganisms
  • Highly Developed Flavour Profiles
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay 


Fast & Gentle Correction

When the pH of your nutrient solution becomes too acidic (low), Emerald Harvest pH Up provides a quick and gentle solution. With just a small amount of pH Up, you can bring the pH of your reservoir back into the ideal range, allowing plants to grow without stress and reducing the risk of nutrient deficiencies or lockouts.


Maintains Stable Conditions

The formulation of Emerald Harvest pH Up acts as a weak base buffer, ensuring that the pH remains stable in your growing system. This stability is crucial for plant health and growth, as fluctuations in pH can negatively impact nutrient uptake and overall plant performance.


No Stress To Plants

Correcting pH too strongly or suddenly can cause stress to plants. Emerald Harvest pH Up utilises a weak alkaline base, which gently adjusts the pH without causing harm to the root system or beneficial bacteria in the growing medium. This ensures that plants remain healthy and can continue to thrive.


Super Easy To Use

It is recommended to apply a very small amount of Emerald Harvest pH Up at a time, stirring thoroughly and taking pH readings after each application until the desired pH level is reached. For most hydroponically grown plants, the ideal pH range is between 5.5 and 6.5.


Safety Precautions

Emerald Harvest pH Up is a powerful substance that can cause severe skin burns and eye damage. It is important to wear appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves, an apron, splash goggles, and a vapour respirator, when handling the product. Avoid swallowing the product, as it can be harmful if ingested. Additionally, pH Up may be corrosive to metals, so caution should be taken to avoid contact with metal surfaces.


Suitable For Various Growing Media

Emerald Harvest pH Up can be used in any growing media where the pH is too low (acidic), typically indicated by a pH reading below 5.5. It is compatible with soil and hydroponic systems. Conduct a pH test before correcting levels to ensure accurate adjustments.


Emerald Harvest pH Up is a premium pH corrector that restores pH balance in seconds. It minimises the risk of stress to plants, maintains a friendly environment for beneficial microbial life, and only requires a small amount to achieve the desired pH level. By choosing Emerald Harvest pH Up, you can ensure stable and optimal pH conditions for your plants' growth and development.

It is important to follow the instructions and safety precautions provided by the manufacturer when using Emerald Harvest pH Up to ensure safe and effective application.

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