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Emerald Harvest Bloom

Emerald Harvest Bloom

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Emerald Harvest Bloom

Emerald Harvest Bloom is a powerful nutrient solution specifically designed for the blooming stage of plant growth.


  • Premium PK Booster
  • Massive Resin & Oil Production
  • Increases Flavonoids
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Promotes Strong Growth
  • Suitable For Hydroponic Cultivators
  • Friendly To All Microbiome
  • From the Experts At Emerald Harvest
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Essential Nutrients For Blooming

Emerald Harvest Bloom is formulated with monopotassium phosphate, potassium sulphate, and magnesium sulphate. These ingredients provide the necessary nutrients for robust blooming, including phosphorus (P) for tissue development and accelerated maturity, potassium (K) for nutrient transportation and new tissue growth, and secondary nutrients magnesium (Mg) and sulphur (S) for chlorophyll formation and lush foliage.


Works With Grow & Micro

Emerald Harvest Bloom is part of a 3-part nutrient system that can be used in any ratio to optimize plant growth. It complements the Grow and Micro formulas, providing higher levels of phosphorus specifically for the blooming stage. By adjusting the ratios of these nutrients, growers can tailor their feeding regimen to achieve the strongest and healthiest results.


Versatile Application

Emerald Harvest Bloom can be used in various growing media, including coco, soil, mixed substrates, and hydroponic systems. It is a soluble nutrient solution that can be applied in recirculating or drain-to-waste systems.


Astonishing Oil & Resin Production

The feeding chart provides recommended dosages for both the vegetative and flowering stages. During the vegetative stage, lower dosages are used, gradually increasing during the early flowering stage and peaking during the late flowering and ripening stages. Additional weeks can be added during the flowering cycle if needed.

Never mix undiluted nutrients directly. Add each nutrient solution separately and mix thoroughly before adding another. This ensures proper distribution and avoids adverse chemical reactions.


Powerful Flower Booster

Emerald Harvest Bloom is a powerful PK booster specifically designed for the blooming stage. It works synergistically with Emerald Harvest Grow and Emerald Harvest Micro to provide tailored control over nutrient ratios. The high-quality ingredients promote robust blooming, enhance nutrient uptake, and help produce large, flourishing fruits and flowers.

Please note that the product specifications, such as brand, NPK ratio, and active ingredient percentages, may vary based on the specific product. Follow the instructions provided with the product you are using and adjust dosages as needed based on your plants' response. Thoroughly mix the nutrient solutions before application to ensure proper distribution of the nutrients.

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