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Digital Hydrometer

Digital Hydrometer

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Digital Hydrometer

Using a digital hydrometer in your grow tent can provide several benefits and simplify the process of monitoring temperature and humidity. Suitable for Hydroponic & Soil Growers. 


  • Increased Control & Monitoring
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Record & Alarm Mode
  • Suitable for Grow Light Users
  • Minimum & Maximum Memory
  • Multiple Display Options


Increased Control & Monitoring

With a digital hydrometer, you can easily monitor and track temperature and humidity levels in your grow tent. This allows you to maintain optimal conditions for your plants and make necessary adjustments if needed.


Record & Alarm Mode

Some digital hydrometers offer record and alarm functions, which can be helpful for keeping track of changes in temperature and humidity over time. The alarm feature can notify you if the conditions go beyond a set threshold, ensuring you can take immediate action to prevent any potential issues.


Suitable for Grow Light Users

LED grow lights can generate heat, and it's important to monitor temperature levels to prevent overheating. A digital hydrometer can help you keep a close eye on the temperature in your grow tent, ensuring it stays within the desired range for optimal plant growth.


Minimum & Maximum Memory

Many digital hydrometers have a minimum and maximum memory function. This feature allows you to view the lowest and highest recorded temperature and humidity levels, giving you a better understanding of the fluctuations that occur in your grow tent.


Multiple Display Options

Digital hydrometers often provide different time display modes, such as 12-hour or 24-hour format, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preference.

By using a digital hydrometer, you can easily monitor temperature and humidity levels in your grow tent, ensuring that your plants have the optimal conditions they need to thrive. The convenience and features offered by these devices make them a valuable tool for any hydroponic, soil or indoor grower.

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