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Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs

Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs

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Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs

Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs are specifically designed for growers who want fast and uniform development in plants with large root zones. These slabs provide a reliable irrigation system that promotes solid root structure, leading to uniform growth and increased yields.


  • Excellent Air To Water Ratio
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Easy Irrigation 
  • Premium Oxygen Absorption
  • Eliminate Pests & Diseases
  • Fast & Uniform Growth
  • 1 Meter Strip
  • From The Experts At Cultiwool


Awesome Water Retention

The unique rockwool formula of Cultiwool promotes high water retention in the root zone, ensuring that plants do not dry out easily. This helps maintain optimal moisture levels for healthy plant growth.


Easy Irrigation System

Cultiwool slabs have a unique design that allows water to pool at the bottom of the slab while maintaining a desired saturation level between 55% and 75%. If the water level becomes too high, the slab is formulated to release excess water, and if there is insufficient water, the system allows for easy re-soaking to improve saturation levels.


Fast & Uniform Crop Development

Using Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs promotes fast and uniform crop development, especially in plants with larger root zones. This allows growers to have better control over their crop development and achieve more consistent results.


Sustainable Water & Nutrient Usage

The irrigation system of Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs optimises conditions in the root zone, resulting in efficient water and nutrient usage. This not only helps reduce water and nutrient waste but also contributes to sustainable production practices and a lower carbon footprint.


Why Choose Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs

Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs offer several benefits, including excellent saturation and re-saturation properties, positive effects on EC levels, an ideal air-to-water ratio for robust root growth, and high-performance characteristics. These slabs are also favoured by eco-friendly growers due to their sustainability and durability.

Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs are an excellent choice for growers seeking fast and uniform crop development, particularly in plants with large root zones. With their effective irrigation system, optimal water retention, and sustainability features, these slabs provide a reliable and efficient growing substrate for achieving impressive results.

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