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Cultiwool CRB Large Propagator Plugs

Cultiwool CRB Large Propagator Plugs

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Cultiwool CRB Large Propagator Plugs

Cultiwool Propagator Plugs are designed to give cuttings and seedlings the best possible start in their growth journey. These handy starter cubes and tray provide uniform and hassle-free growth, ensuring that your plants receive the water and air they need to develop strong root systems.


  • Perfect For Propagation
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Premium Oxygen Absorption
  • Eliminate Pests & Diseases
  • Fast & Uniform Growth
  • From The Experts At Cultiwool
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay


Uniform & Hassle-Free Growth

Using propagator plugs ensures that your cuttings and seedlings receive consistent water and air supply, promoting uniform growth and development. This makes it easier to monitor the progress of your plants and maintain optimal growing conditions.


Unique Formulation

Cultiwool's unique formulation allows for proper airflow within the plugs, which is essential for building a strong plant structure. The design of the propagator plug also allows water to pool at the bottom, ensuring that roots have continuous access to the necessary nutrients and moisture for growth.


Easy Transplantation

The propagator plugs fit neatly into larger Cultiwool growing cubes, making it easy to transplant your seedlings from the tray to a larger growing medium when they are ready.


How to Use Cultiwool Propagator Plugs

Soak the cubes in your chosen nutrient solution and place the seeds in the centre of each cube. Keep the seeds away from light until germination. Once germinated, expose the seedlings to light as required. When the seedlings develop 3-4 true leaves, they can be planted or plugged into your hydroponic setup.


Why Choose Cultiwool Propagator Plugs

Cultiwool Propagator Plugs offer several advantages, including their suitability for cuttings and seedlings, high-quality grow cubes that promote healthy and strong plant growth, and a design that caters specifically to the propagation stage. The plugs provide an excellent air-to-water ratio, facilitating root growth, and ensuring reliable, durable, and resistant performance.

Cultiwool Propagator Plugs are a reliable and efficient solution for starting your cuttings and seedlings. With their uniform growth promotion, unique formulation, and ease of use, these plugs provide the optimal conditions for healthy root development and robust plant growth.

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