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Centurion DBT2 Dry Batch Trimmer

Centurion DBT2 Dry Batch Trimmer

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Centurion DBT2 Dry Batch Trimmer

The Centurion DBT2 is designed to provide efficient and precise trimming, with Soft Tumble Technology for gentle processing and 10 controllable speed settings for customization.


  • Easy Maintenance & Quality Results
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Trim Up To 15lb Of Herbs Per Hour
  • 10 Controllable Speed Settings
  • Soft Tumble Technology
  • Protects Delicate Herbs
  • Non Slip Design & Robust
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay


Easy Maintenance & Quality Results

Its robust metal frame and moulded metal handles ensure stability and ease of use. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the DBT2 can be a reliable tool for achieving quality trimming results.


Trim up to 15lb Per Hour 

Introducing the Centurion DBT2, a powerful addition to Centurion's DBT range that produces up to 15lb per hour of dry trimmed plants and herbs. Its Soft Tumble Technology delicately removes excess stems and leaves without the need for suction systems.


10 Speed Settings  

The DBT2 is the perfect middle ground for individual users who want to trim up to 15lbs of dry plants and flowers per hour without the running costs of an industrial appliance. It has the advantage of 10 controllable speed settings, and it's still light enough to transport when needed.


Protects Delicate Herbs

One person can easily disassemble it for regular cleaning and maintenance. Soft Tumble Technology Centurion's Soft Tumble technology ensures all plants are carefully processed without the need for a suction system or lubricants, which can harm delicate leaves and flowers. Rougher trimmers can cause you to lose trimmings along the way, but Centurion's softly-softly approach delivers an exceptional result every time. 10 controllable speed settings

The DBT2's speed control allows users to tailor the trimming according to the size, shape, and quantity of plants and ensures each is trimmed just as desired. The speed dial can be adjusted in increments of 10%, providing razor-sharp control with each trim.


Non Slip Design & Robust

The appliance sits on a sturdy metal frame to maintain precision and avoid slipping or vibration during use. It also has two moulded metal handles for easy grip while in use or transport. The sleek black design allows users to see the plants they're trimming and sets it apart from its metal bin.

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