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Canna Cannazym

Canna Cannazym

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Cannazym is a beneficial enzyme product designed to improve plant health and optimize root function.


  • Turns Dead Roots Into Nutrients 
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Prevents Disease
  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake
  • Eliminates Bacteria & Fungus
  • Versatile Application
  • Enhanced Flavonoids & Oils
  • From The Experts At Canna
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Conversion Of Dead Roots Into Nutrients

Cannazym contains over 13 different enzymes that help break down dead root material and convert it into valuable minerals and sugars. This process makes these nutrients available for the plant to utilise, providing an additional source of essential elements.


Immediate Nutrient Release

The enzymes in Cannazym work quickly to break down dead root material, releasing nutrients at the right place in the root zone where they are needed. This immediate availability of nutrients supports plant growth and development.


Enhanced Water & Nutrient Uptake

The addition of a Desert plant extract and vitamins in Cannazym improves the plant's uptake of water and nutrients. This helps to optimise nutrient absorption and ensures plants have the necessary resources for healthy growth.


Stimulation Of New Root Growth

Cannazym contains easily absorbable vitamins that stimulate the plant to form new roots. This promotes root development, enhances overall plant health, and improves nutrient uptake.


Disease Prevention

Dead and decaying root material in the substrate can attract harmful bacteria and fungi, posing a risk to plant health. Cannazym's ability to quickly break down dead roots helps prevent the proliferation of pathogens, reducing the chances of disease and promoting a healthier root zone.


Maintenance Of Optimal Substrate Environment

By efficiently breaking down dead roots, Cannazym helps maintain an optimal substrate environment. This process creates space for air pockets, which improves oxygen levels in the root zone. Adequate oxygenation supports the growth of beneficial bacteria and enhances overall root efficiency.


Reusing Growing Media

When growers intend to reuse their growing media for subsequent cycles, Cannazym is particularly beneficial. It rapidly breaks down remaining dead roots, transforming them into beneficial nutrients. This process helps prevent diseases, improves oxygen levels, and prepares the substrate for the next season's growth.

Cannazym plays a crucial role in improving nutrient availability, stimulating root growth, preventing diseases, and maintaining a healthy substrate environment. It is a valuable tool for promoting optimal plant growth and maximising the potential of growing media.

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