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Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

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Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

Canna Terra Professional is a high-quality premium enriched soil designed specifically for growing high value botanical plants & fruits.


  • Premium Nitrogen Rich Blend
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • 100% Organic 
  • Exceptional Root Development
  • Premium Oxygen Absorption
  • Light Fertilisation
  • Enhanced Drainage
  • Huge 50 Litre Bag
  • Super Fast Metabolism
  • Fast & Uniform Growth
  • From The Experts At Canna
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay


Exceptional Root Development

The composition of airy peat moss and types of tree bark in Canna Terra Professional Plus promotes robust root development. This leads to stronger and healthier root systems, which in turn support the overall growth and vitality of the plants. With well-developed roots, plants can efficiently absorb water and nutrients, resulting in improved growth rates and yields.


Formation Of Thicker Stems

The combination of peat moss and tree bark in Canna Terra Professional Plus contributes to the formation of thicker stems. Thicker stems provide structural strength to plants, allowing them to better support the weight of leaves, flowers, and fruits. This can result in sturdier plants that are more resistant to bending or breaking under the weight of their own growth.


Faster Metabolism & Increased Production

Canna Terra Professional Plus promotes faster metabolism in plants, which enhances their overall growth and productivity. A faster metabolism allows plants to more efficiently convert nutrients into energy, leading to accelerated growth rates and increased production. This can translate into higher yields and faster crop cycles.


pH-Adjusted & Nutrient - Optimised

Canna Terra Professional Plus is pH-adjusted to provide long-term control and stability. It contains a lime charge that lasts the entire cycle, ensuring the pH of the medium remains within the optimal range for plant growth. Additionally, the medium has a mineral-nutrient starter charge that provides an initial level of nutrients, which can be further supplemented with Canna Terra nutrients to achieve optimal nutrient ratios and ensure proper plant nutrition.


Optimal Air & Water Balance

The special structure of Canna Terra Professional Plus provides an ideal balance of air and water in the medium. It offers sufficient aeration to the roots, allowing for the exchange of gases and preventing root suffocation. At the same time, it retains an appropriate amount of water to ensure plants have access to the moisture they need for growth without becoming waterlogged. This balance promotes healthy root development and nutrient uptake.


Trace Elements & Chelates

Canna Terra Professional Plus is enriched with trace elements and chelates. These components help protect plants during growth by providing essential micronutrients and ensuring their availability to the plants. Trace elements and chelates play important roles in various physiological processes, supporting plant health, and preventing deficiencies that could negatively impact growth and productivity.

By using Canna Terra Professional Plus, growers can benefit from its optimal root development, thicker stem formation, faster metabolism, pH adjustment, nutrient optimisation, ideal air and water balance, and provision of trace elements and chelates. These advantages contribute to healthier plants, improved yields, and overall successful cultivation.

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