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Canna - Terra Flores (Bloom)

Canna - Terra Flores (Bloom)

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Canna - Terra Flores (Bloom)

Canna Terra Flores is a one-part professional nutrient specifically designed for the flowering stage of plants grown in soil. It has gained recognition as the top-selling bloom nutrient in Holland, known for its well-tested and proven formula.


  • Improved Nutrient Uptake
  • Readily Absorbed By Plants
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Proudly Made In Holland
  • Exceptional Value For Money
  • Well Established & Trusted Nutrient Solution
  • Guarantees A Bountiful Harvest
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay

Optimal Bud Formation & Flowering

Terra Flores is carefully formulated to provide all the necessary minerals and elements required for optimal bud formation and flowering. Its rich nutrient profile, including essential nutrients and trace elements, ensures that plants have access to everything they need for robust growth and abundant flowering.


Readily Absorbed By Plants

One of the key advantages of Canna Terra Flores is its ease of use. It can be dissolved directly in water, making it convenient and hassle-free to incorporate into your feeding routine. The nutrient solution is readily absorbed by plants, guaranteeing effective nutrient uptake and supporting a bountiful harvest.


Proudly Made In Holland

Canna Terra Flores is proudly made in Holland, a country renowned for its expertise in horticulture. Its compatibility with LED grow lights makes it an excellent choice for cultivators utilising this advanced lighting technology.

Moreover, the formula of Canna Terra Flores is designed to accommodate different water types, whether you have hard or soft water. This universal formula ensures that growers can achieve consistent and reliable results regardless of their water source.


Exceptional Value For Money

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's dilution rates. For the vegetative stage, Terra Vega is typically used at a rate of 3-4ml per litre of water. During the flowering stage, Canna Terra Flores is used at a slightly higher rate of 4-5ml per litre of water. 


Well Established & Trusted Nutrient Solution

In summary, Canna Terra Flores is a well-established and trusted nutrient solution specifically formulated for the flowering stage of plants grown in soil. Its rich nutrient profile, ease of use, compatibility with LED grow lights, and adaptability to different water types make it a popular choice among growers. By following the recommended dilution rates, growers can ensure that their plants receive the appropriate nutrients for robust growth and impressive flowering.

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