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Canna - Rhizotonic

Canna - Rhizotonic

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Canna - Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic is a highly potent root stimulator renowned for its effectiveness in promoting rapid and robust root development. It stands out as the world's most powerful root stimulator and has gained immense popularity among hydroponic & soil growers.


  • Highly Potent Root Stimulator
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Essential Minerals & Trace Elements
  • Suitable For Soil & Hydroponics
  • The World's Most Powerful Growth Stimulator
  • Diverse Range Of Microbiological Organisms
  • Improving Nutrient Uptake
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Highly Potent Root Stimulator 

What sets Rhizotonic apart is its algae-based, 100% natural formulation. It contains a rich blend of over 60 different microbiological organisms that work synergistically to enhance root growth and overall plant health. These microorganisms play a vital role in stimulating root development, improving nutrient uptake, and strengthening the plant's immune system.


Essential Minerals & Trace Elements

While Rhizotonic is widely recognised as a top-notch root stimulator, its benefits extend beyond root development. It is also highly beneficial for cuttings, transplants, and newly rooted plants. The presence of essential minerals and trace elements in Rhizotonic further supports vigorous root growth and fosters a healthy root zone ecosystem.


Suitable For Soil & Hydroponics

One of the notable advantages of Rhizotonic is its versatility. It can be used throughout the entire growth cycle of plants and is suitable for both soil and hydroponic cultivation systems. This flexibility makes it a valuable tool for growers regardless of their preferred growing medium.

Rhizotonic is particularly suitable for LED grow light cultivators who require robust and efficient root development to complement the specific lighting conditions provided by grow setups.


The World's Most Powerful Root Stimulator

In summary, Canna Rhizotonic stands as the world's most powerful root stimulator, delivering impressive results in root development and overall plant health. Its natural and algae-based formulation, combined with a diverse range of microbiological organisms, contributes to its efficacy.


A Reliable Solution To Promote Abundant & Healthy Root Growth

With its wide range of applications, including cuttings, transplants, and newly rooted plants, as well as its compatibility with different growing systems, Rhizotonic offers growers a reliable solution to promote abundant and healthy root growth.

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