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SpinPro Personal Trimmer

SpinPro Personal Trimmer

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SpinPro Personal Trimmer

Growing herbs is fun. Trimming them is not. Take the pain out of trimming with this amazing Herb Trimmer from SpinPro. 


  • Vastly Reduces Trimming Odour
  • Trim Your Crop In Minutes Not Days!
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Exceptional Value For Money
  • No Electrical Parts
  • Easy To Store & Clean
  • 20 Times Faster Than Scissors
  • Suitable For Wet Trimming
  • Complete With Wire Blades
  • Collects & Stores Your Trim Keeping Everything Tidy
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay


Make Trimming Quick & Effortless

Introducing the incredible SpinPro Herb Trimmer, a powerful tool that makes trimming tasks quick and efficient.

Unlike traditional trimmers, the SpinPro does not use blades. Instead, it utilises ultra-efficient wire technology, providing exceptional precision without the risk of damaging your valuable herbs. This innovative approach ensures a higher quality trim while avoiding any "hacking" that may occur with blade-based trimmers.

The new updated version of the SpinPro includes both dual and quad wires, allowing you to customise your trimming experience to suit different jobs and needs.


Trim up to 55g Of Herbs In Seconds

With a capacity of approximately 55g of produce, the SpinPro can trim your harvest in just around a minute. This significant time-saving feature not only reduces labour costs but also minimises the unpleasant odours often associated with trimming tasks.

It is important to exercise extreme caution when using this machine. Always keep the lid securely in place during operation and never touch the cutting wires to ensure your safety.

The amazing SpinPro Herb Trimmer is currently in stock and qualifies for FREE Next Day UK Delivery! Don't miss out on this opportunity to trim your crop perfectly in hours rather than days. Place your order now and experience the efficiency of the SpinPro Herb Trimmer. An essential for all hydroponic and soil growers who demand efficiency and precision. 

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