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Bluelab PH Controller

Bluelab PH Controller

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Bluelab PH Controller

The Bluelab Automatic pH Controller is a comprehensive kit that helps maintain pH levels in your reservoir automatically.


  • Automatic Monitoring
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Precision For Plant Health
  • Overdose Protection
  • Speeds Growth Process
  • Easy Set Up & Calibration 
  • Better Health. Better Harvests
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Hands-Free Monitoring

The pH Controller continuously monitors the pH level of your reservoir and automatically adjusts it to within 0.05 of your desired pH. This ensures that your plants have a stable pH environment, which is essential for their health and growth.


Precision For Plant Health

The pH Controller is designed to detect even the slightest changes in pH. It operates within a narrow range of 0.3 pH on either side of the target pH, triggering adjustments when the pH deviates by just 0.05. High and low alarms provide immediate alerts for significant pH changes.


On/Off Timer & Overdosing Prevention

The pH Controller allows you to set on/off times to prevent overdosing. The off time ensures that the pH adjustment process does not continue indefinitely, allowing the solution to stabilise before further adjustments are made.


Easy Setup & Calibration

The pH Controller comes with a comprehensive kit that includes all necessary components for setup, including pH and temperature probes, tubing, power supplies, and mounting fasteners. Calibration of the pH probe is straightforward using the provided single-use calibration solutions.


Care & Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of the pH probe, it should always be kept wet. When not in use, a storage cap is provided to keep the probe moist. Regularly topping up the potassium chloride (KCl) solution inside the cap helps maintain probe performance. The pH Controller is water-resistant and can be wiped down as needed.


Versatile & Complete Kit

The Bluelab Automatic pH Controller kit includes all the components required for pH monitoring and adjustment. It comes with a pH controller, probes, tubing, power supplies, calibration solutions, mounting fasteners, and more. The kit is designed for wall mounting and is suitable for hydroponic system reservoirs up to 760 litres.


Product Specifications

The Bluelab Automatic pH Controller has a control range of 0.1 to 13.9 pH with a resolution of 0.1 pH. It operates with a dose rate of 10ml per minute. The screen is available in multiple languages, and the product is CE and FCC certified. The dimensions of the pH Controller are 20 x 11 x 21cm, and it operates in the temperature range of 0-50℃.

Bluelab Automatic pH Controller ensures precise pH control in your hydroponic system. With its automatic adjustments, high/low alarms, and easy setup, it provides convenience and peace of mind for maintaining optimal pH levels for your plants.

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