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Biobizz - Top Max

Biobizz - Top Max

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Biobizz - Top Max

Experience the power of Biobizz Top Max, the leading organic grow booster in the UK. This exceptional plant food is specially formulated to nurture massive, beautiful, and delicious flowers, making it the ultimate choice for organic growers.


  • Essential Nutrients & Humic Acids
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • 100% Organic Formula
  • Exceptional Value For Money
  • Results In Thriving Plants
  • Enhances Flower Size
  • Increased Flavonoids & Oils


Essential Nutrients & Humic Acids

Enriched with essential nutrients and humic acids, Biobizz Top Max delivers a potent organic formula designed to give your plants that extra kick during the crucial mid-flowering stage.

While most boosters and PK additives on the market are lab-formulated acids, Biobizz Top Max stands apart. It is derived from prehistoric Leonardite, a vegetation that thrived over 300 million years ago. Rather than relying on laboratory-manufactured acids, why not harness the power of dinosaur juice? The choice is clear.


100% Organic

Biobizz Top Max can be used throughout the entire flowering period, complementing the full Biobizz program alongside Fish Mix, Grow, and Bloom. This synergistic approach maximises the benefits and results in thriving plants. It's the perfect companion for cultivators utilising grow lights, combining the benefits of organic nutrition with advanced lighting technology.


Exceptional Value For Money

Furthermore, Biobizz Top Max offers exceptional value for money. With a starting dose of just 1ml per litre of water, you'll achieve remarkable results while stretching your resources.


Top-Notch Organic Solution 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your grow with the top-notch organic solution. Biobizz Top Max is available now. Join the organic movement and elevate your gardening game. Get your bottle of Top Max today and witness the difference for yourself.

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