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Biobizz Root Juice

Biobizz Root Juice

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Biobizz Root Juice

Biobizz Root Juice is a plant root stimulant designed to promote strong and healthy root development.


  • Massive Root Development 
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Better Quality Flowers
  • For Organic Growers
  • Enhanced Biological Life
  • For Stronger Plants
  • Suitable For Soil, Coco & Hydroponics
  • Less Nutrients Required
  • From The Experts At Biobizz
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Vigorous Root Development

Root Juice is specifically formulated to encourage robust root growth in plants. It provides essential nutrients and bioactive substances that support the development of a strong and extensive root system.


Enhances Biological Life

This product also stimulates the natural biological activity in the soil or substrate surrounding the plant's roots. It promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms and beneficial fungi, which contribute to nutrient uptake, disease resistance, and overall plant health.


Suitable for Various Growing Media

Biobizz Root Juice can be used in a range of growing media, including soil, peat, coco coir, and hydroponic or aeroponic systems. It is compatible with different cultivation methods, providing support for root growth in various setups.


Initial Rooting Stage and Established Plants

Root Juice is beneficial during the initial rooting stage of plant development, helping young plants establish a strong foundation. It can also be used for plants that have already rooted to further enhance root growth and nutrient absorption.


Recommended Dosage

Biobizz suggests using a dosage of 1 to 4 ml of Root Juice per liter of water. The specific dosage within this range can depend on factors such as the plant species, stage of growth, and the desired level of root stimulation.

By incorporating Biobizz Root Juice into your plant care routine, you can support vigorous root development, enhance the biological activity in the growing medium, and ultimately promote healthier and more productive plants.

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