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Biobizz - Fish Mix

Biobizz - Fish Mix

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Biobizz - Fish Mix

Experience the pungent power of Biobizz Fish Mix, a remarkable blend of 100% organic fish emulsion sourced from the pristine waters of the North Sea. Renowned as the original and best organic fish mix in the world today, it has earned its reputation among growers worldwide.


  • Biobizz Is 100% Organic
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Nutrient Rich & Mineral Packed
  • Boost Microorganisms
  • Embrace Organic Principles 
  • Unmatched Efficacy & Reliability
  • Exceptional Value For Money
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


100% Organic 

Whether you're nurturing seedlings or tending to autumnal flowers, Biobizz Fish Mix is a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of plants. This exceptional product is a favourite among "no fuss" growers who prefer simplicity without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to cluttered grow rooms filled with numerous bottles, as Biobizz Fish Mix covers all your organic feeding needs.


Suitable for Hydroponics & Soil Growers

As soon as you open the bottle, the unmistakable aroma confirms that you're dealing with the real deal. This isn't some lab-produced acid; it's pure, organic goodness that can transform ordinary soil into a nutrient-rich, mineral-packed feast for your plants.


Boost Microorganisms

Biobizz Fish Mix takes organic cultivation to the next level by promoting the hyper production of microorganisms in the soil. This leads to a thriving ecosystem where beneficial bacteria and life teem, ensuring optimal plant health and vitality. Like all Biobizz products, Fish Mix adheres to strict organic farming requirements, ensuring you receive a premium-quality solution crafted with care.


Suitable Throughout The Entire Grow Cycle 

With over 25 years of growing experience, We can confidently say that Biobizz is my absolute favourite. Among the multitude of feeds and boosters we've tried, Biobizz Fish Mix stands out as a go-to choice. If we were to embark on a grow from start to finish using just one bottle, without a doubt, it would be Biobizz Fish Mix. Its efficacy and reliability are unmatched. Perfect for cultivators utilising grow lights, this product seamlessly integrates into any setup.

Exceptional Value For Money

Furthermore, Biobizz Fish Mix offers exceptional value for money. With a starting dilution recommendation of just 1ml per litre of water, you'll enjoy fantastic results while stretching your resources.


Embrace Organic Principles 

We highly recommend Fish Mix to fellow growers. Embrace organic principles, unleash the power of nature, and elevate your grow to new heights with Biobizz Fish Mix. Join us and experience the benefits of going organic. Get your bottle of Fish Mix today and witness the transformative effects in your garden.

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