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Biobizz Coco Mix 50L

Biobizz Coco Mix 50L

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Biobizz Coco Mix 50L

BioBizz Coco-Mix is a high-quality coco coir substrate made from waste materials generated by the coconut industry. It is known for its excellent performance as a growing medium, providing an ideal environment for plant growth.


  • Improves Aeration
  • 100% Natural
  • Sustainable & Recycled
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Enhanced Drainage
  • Washed & Dried
  • Neutral pH
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Promotes Vigorous Root Growth
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Accurate pH Regulation
  • From The Experts At Biobizz
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay


Sustainable & Recycled Material

BioBizz Coco-Mix is made from waste materials left over by the coconut industry, making it an eco-friendly choice for growers. By utilising these waste materials, it reduces the environmental impact of coconut production.


Decomposed & Softened Fibres

The coco coir matter undergoes a process of decomposition to soften the strong fibres. This ensures that the coco coir is more suitable for plant root development and nutrient absorption.


Washed & Dried

After decomposition, the coco coir is washed in clear water to remove any impurities. It is then dried to a specific moisture level, resulting in Coco-Mix with low moisture content.


Light & Airy Structure

BioBizz Coco-Mix is shredded to create a light and airy texture. This provides good drainage and aeration for the roots, allowing them to access oxygen and prevent water logging.


Neutral pH

Coco-Mix has a neutral pH, which means it is not overly acidic or alkaline. This provides a favourable environment for nutrient uptake by the plants and allows for better control over nutrient solutions.


Versatile Usage

Coco-Mix can be used on its own in hydroponic systems, providing a suitable substrate for plant growth. It can also be mixed with clay pebbles, depending on the preferred grow method or system.

BioBizz Coco-Mix offers a sustainable and high-quality coco coir substrate for plant cultivation. Its decomposed fibres, washed and dried process, and light and airy structure provide an optimal medium for plants to thrive. Whether used alone or in combination with other materials, Coco-Mix offers versatility and reliable performance for growers.

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