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Biobizz - Calmag

Biobizz - Calmag

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Biobizz - Calmag

Boost your organic grow with Biobizz Calmag, the perfect solution for growers in need of an extra dose of calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are vital elements for complete plant growth and blooming, playing essential roles in healthy cell production and photosynthesis.


  • 100% Organic
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Formulated For UK Water
  • Biobizz Is 100% Organic & Trusted
  • Promotes Healthy Cell Production
  • Boosts Photosynthesis
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay

UK Water Formulation 

In regions like the UK, where limescale is common and issues with calcium and magnesium deficiencies can arise, Biobizz Calmag is the answer to your nutrient needs. Just think about the limescale buildup on your kettle and taps - it's a clear indication that your plants could benefit from a boost of calmag in their feed.


100% Organic & Trusted

When it comes to choosing the right nutrient solution, make the wise choice and stay true to organic principles with Biobizz Calmag. This 100% organic and trusted solution is formulated from natural ingredients, ensuring the health and integrity of your plants.


Essential Calcium & Magnesium

What sets Biobizz Calmag apart is its compatibility with your preferred feeding regime. It seamlessly integrates into your existing feeding routine, complementing and enhancing its effectiveness rather than interrupting it. With Biobizz Calmag, you can maintain your preferred organic approach while giving your plants the essential calcium and magnesium they need.


Don't Cut Corners. Choose Biobizz

Supplementing with Calmag is a crucial step in achieving success in 99% of grow rooms. Don't cut corners when it comes to your plants' nutrition. Choose Biobizz Calmag for a job done right, 100% organically.


Trusted By Growers Worldwide

The reviews speak for themselves, as growers around the world have put their trust in Biobizz for their organic gardening needs. Join the community of satisfied growers and experience the difference that Biobizz Calmag can make in your grow room.

Made in the Netherlands, the birthplace of exceptional organic cultivation practices, Biobizz Calmag embodies the quality and reliability you seek. Elevate your grow to new heights of success by incorporating Biobizz Calmag into your nutrient regimen.

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