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Biobizz - Algamic

Biobizz - Algamic

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Biobizz - Algamic

Indulge Your Plants with Biobizz Algamic for a Blissful Growth Experience. If you want your plants to enjoy a rejuvenating retreat like a week at an organic spa, Biobizz Algamic is the perfect solution to make them happier, less stressed, and more productive. By ensuring the well-being of your plants, you can expect bigger, better quality buds. Pamper your plants with this incredible blend developed by the experts at Biobizz.


  • Derived From Cold-Pressed Seaweed
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • 100% Organic
  • California's Favorite Formula
  • Enhances Overall Plant Health and Immunity
  • Reduces Symptoms of Plant Stress
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay


Cold-Pressed Seaweed

The formula is derived from cold-pressed seaweed, Biobizz captures natural goodness and preserving its beneficial properties.


Certified 100% Organic

Biobizz Algamic has obtained the prestigious 100% organic certification, guaranteeing that it meets rigorous organic standards.


California's Favorite Formula

Biobizz Algamic has gained a strong reputation and is favoured by growers in California and beyond for its exceptional performance.


Perfect for LED Grow Light Cultivators

Whether you're using LED grow lights for vegetative or flowering stages, Biobizz Algamic is a perfect companion, optimising plant health and growth under LED lighting.


Enhances Overall Plant Health and Immunity

The unique blend of vitamins, micronutrients, hormones, and amino acids in Biobizz Algamic promotes overall plant health and strengthens their immune system.


Reduces Symptoms of Plant Stress

Biobizz Algamic effectively alleviates stress symptoms in plants, helping them recover and thrive in challenging conditions.


100% Natural Blend

Biobizz Algamic consists of a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients, ensuring that your plants receive the purest and most beneficial nutrients.


Designed To Address Deficiencies

Specifically designed to address deficiencies, overfeeding, and challenging temperature fluctuations, Biobizz Algamic acts as a revitalising tonic that stimulates chlorophyll absorption and provides a much-needed boost, akin to vitamins after recovering from an illness.

Crafted through a cold-pressed process using high-grade 100% organic seaweed, Biobizz Algamic contains zero chemical ingredients and is packed with a rich assortment of micro nutrients. It is suitable for both soil and hydroponic growing methods, making it an essential companion for any organic grower. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance the vitality of your plants with Biobizz Algamic.


Biobizz Algamic Should Be Your Go-To Choice

Trusted Organic Manufacturing Processes: Biobizz Algamic is produced using trusted organic manufacturing methods, ensuring the highest quality standards and the absence of harmful substances.

Treat your plants to the luxury they deserve with Biobizz Algamic. Say goodbye to stress and hello to thriving, vibrant plants that will reward you with abundant and high-quality yields. Trust Biobizz Algamic to provide the nurturing care your plants need for optimal growth and vitality. Your plants will thank you!

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