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Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent - 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.6m

Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent - 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.6m

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Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent - 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.6m

If you are looking to maximise your propagation space without breaking the bank, the Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent is the ideal choice. This grow tent is cleverly designed to be strong, tough, and incredibly versatile while maintaining an affordable price compared to other grow tent brands.

It is designed in Britain, ensuring excellent craftsmanship and packed with all the features you would expect from a premium grow tent.


Super Stealthy and Compact Design

The Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent comes in an ultra-stealthy size of 60cm x 90cm x 60cm. With its super stealthy profile and a height of just 60cm, it provides the perfect option for a super stealthy propagation space in previously impossible places. The tent is easy to hide, yet provides plenty of space for low-profile seedlings, cuttings, or clones. It is the ultimate solution for low-key, secret hydroponic or soil growing at an amazing price.


Perfect for LED Growers

This tent is specially designed for LED growers. It provides the perfect environment for LED grow lights to thrive during the propagation stage. The grow tent accommodates LED grow lights and ensures optimal light distribution for your plants' healthy growth. It is a compact and efficient solution for maximising your propagation space.


Easy Assembly and High Reflectivity

Setting up the Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent is quick and easy. It comes with simple-to-follow instructions that allow for a hassle-free assembly without the need for tools. Additionally, the grow tent offers a 30% increased reflectivity, which translates to bigger yields. Made from 100% PVC-free materials and featuring a 95% ultra-reflective Mylar 600D x 600D, it eliminates hot spots and ensures complete light coverage for your plants' propagation needs.


Maximised Light Retention and Durability

The Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent is designed to maximise light retention and durability. It features X-RIB technology and reinforced polypropylene corner pieces, which reduce vibrations from fans and improve overall strength. These features set it apart from conventional grow tents, making it a superb choice that is feature-packed, tough, well-made, and built to last.


In summary, the Bay 6 Mini Prop Grow Tent offers a super stealthy and compact design, making it suitable for discreet propagation spaces. It is specially designed for LED growers and provides easy assembly and high reflectivity for optimal plant propagation. With its maximised light retention and durable construction, this tent is a reliable and long-lasting option for your propagation needs.

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