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Bay 6 Stealth Grow Tent - 75cm x 75cm x 130cm

Bay 6 Stealth Grow Tent - 75cm x 75cm x 130cm

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Bay 6 Stealth Grow Tent - 75cm x 75cm x 130cm

Looking to optimise your grow space without breaking the bank? The Bay 6 Grow Tent is the perfect solution. Designed with strength, durability, and versatility in mind, this British-made grow tent offers exceptional quality and features at an affordable price point. Let's explore why the Bay 6 Grow Tent is the ideal choice for budget-conscious growers who refuse to compromise on performance.


Compact and Stealthy Design

Measuring at a stealthy 75cm x 75cm x 130cm, the Bay 6 DP130 LED Grow Tent is designed to fit in tight spaces where traditional setups wouldn't be possible. With its low profile and compact size, it's the perfect option for discreet hydroponic or soil based cultivation. Despite its small footprint, this grow tent provides ample room to accommodate 2 to 4 auto flowering plants, allowing you to maximise your yield.


British Design

Benefit from the renowned British design expertise that guarantees durability, functionality, and attention to detail in every aspect of the grow tent's construction.


Drawstring Ducting Ports

Effortlessly manage your ventilation system with the drawstring ducting ports, providing optimal control over airflow and temperature.


Especially Designed for LED Grow Light Users

The Bay 6 LED Grow Tent is tailored to meet the needs of LED grow light users, offering the perfect environment for efficient and effective plant growth.

Optimal Lighting Compatibility: The Bay 6 Stealth LED Grow Tent's compact size makes it an ideal companion for compact LED grow lights such as the Spider Farmer SF1000, Karma Horticulture K1000uv, or K1000 IR Pro. These powerful yet energy-efficient lights are perfectly suited to maximise output while minimising electricity costs.


Easy Assembly and Superior Reflectivity

Setting up the Bay 6 Grow Tent is a breeze. With simple instructions and no tools required, you can quickly assemble your grow tent and get your growing operation up and running in no time. The grow tent boasts an impressive 30% increased reflectivity, ensuring better light distribution and ultimately leading to bigger yields.

Constructed from 100% PVC-free materials, it features a 95% ultra-reflective Mylar 600D x 600D lining, eliminating hot spots and ensuring uniform light coverage for your plants.


Unmatched Durability and Strength

Bay 6 is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. The Bay 6 Grow Tent is no exception, featuring X-RIB technology and reinforced polypropylene corner pieces that minimise vibrations from fans and provide exceptional strength and stability. Unlike conventional grow tents, this grow tent is built to withstand the demands of continuous use, ensuring longevity and performance.

For growers seeking to maximise their grow space without compromising on quality or budget, the Bay 6 Grow Tent is the ultimate choice. With its compact and stealthy design, optimal lighting compatibility, easy assembly, enhanced reflectivity, and unbeatable durability, it offers everything you need for successful and cost-effective cultivation.

Don't settle for less when you can have a feature-packed, high-performing grow tent that's built to last. Trust Bay 6 and take your growing experience to new heights.

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