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Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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Automatic Fire Extinguisher

A High-Quality Automatic Fire Extinguisher for Grow Rooms


  • Automatically Triggered by Fire
  • Low-Cost, Zero Maintenance Solution
  • Fully Effective on A, B, and C Class Fires
  • Economical & Compact Automatic Extinguisher
  • Powder-Coated Finish
  • Protect Your Grow. Protect Yourself. Protect Your Family.
  • Steel Wire Wall Bracket Included
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


An Essential Tool For Any Grow Room

This well-made fire extinguisher is an essential tool for any grow room. Designed to be mounted in unmanned areas, these fully automatic extinguishers are triggered by a sudden increase in heat levels associated with fire.


An Intelligent Solution

While audible fire alarms are useful, they are ineffective if there is no one present to hear them. Monitoring grow rooms 24/7 is impractical for most growers. Automatic fire extinguishers provide an intelligent solution.

These extinguishers resemble regular ones but feature a heat-sensitive glass bulb instead of the typical squeeze grip. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the bulb bursts and releases the extinguishant. The dispersed dry powder acts like a sprinkler head, suppressing the fire.


Minimises The Risks

It is crucial to have an automatic fire extinguisher in any grow room environment, as it minimizes the risks associated with high-powered LED grow lights and electrical equipment.

Available in 2 sizes, these automatic fire extinguishers offer peace of mind and enhanced safety in your grow room. Protect your hydroponic garden with this simple & low cost solution today. 

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