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Aqualine Humidifiers

Aqualine Humidifiers

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Aqualine Humidifiers

The Aqualine Humidifier is an electric humidifier designed to increase moisture levels in indoor grow spaces such as tents, grow rooms, and greenhouses.


  • Stimulates Plant Growth
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Increases Humidity
  • Keeps Soil At Optimum Moisture Levels
  • Prevents Yellowing
  • Adjustable Control from 0% to 100%
  • Capacity From 2.3L to 23L
  • Up To 32 Days Run Time
  • RoHS & CE Certified
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Adjustable Mist Nozzle

The 360° rotating nozzle allows you to direct the mist towards your plants, providing complete control over the humidity environment while minimising water waste.


Super Quiet Running

The humidifier operates quietly, making it suitable for grow rooms with limited sound insulation.


Long Lasting Operation

With a full capacity of up to 32 days (depending on the size), the humidifier can run throughout the day without the need for frequent refilling. It can move up to 2 liters of water per hour in a 60-150m² grow space, ensuring efficient and consistent humidity levels.


Automatic Switch Off

The humidifier has an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the device when it runs out of water, preventing overheating and providing peace of mind.


Multiple Size Options

The Aqualine Humidifier comes in various capacities ranging from 2.3L to 23L, making it suitable for both small and large grow spaces.


Efficient & Controllable

The adjustable dial allows you to fine-tune the humidity levels to meet the specific needs of your plants, providing optimal growing conditions.


Long Run Time

The humidifier can run continuously for up to 32 days, reducing the need for frequent refilling.


Certified & Safe

The Aqualine Humidifier is RoHS, UKCA, and CE certified, ensuring its compliance with safety and quality standards.


How to Use the Aqualine Humidifier

  1. Fill the humidifier with water and plug it into a UK mains outlet using the included plug.
  2. Adjust the mist nozzle to direct the vapour towards the desired area in your grow space.
  3. Use the dial on the front of the humidifier to adjust the power setting from 0-100%, allowing for customisable humidity control.


The Aqualine Humidifier is designed for use in indoor grow spaces such as tents, grow rooms, and greenhouses. It can also be used in homes for houseplants or in hydroponic setups if needed.

By using the Aqualine Humidifier, you can create and maintain an optimal humidity level in your grow space, promoting healthy plant growth and preventing issues related to dry air.

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