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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur

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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur is a premium 2-part bloom nutrient designed for expert growers who aim to achieve maximum crop size and quality. It is specifically formulated to provide plants with the highest quality nutrition during the flowering stage.


  • Result Of Extensive Research
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Reduces Deficiencies
  • Massive Crops
  • Enhances Flavonoids & Aromas
  • From The Experts At Advanced Nutrients
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Result Of Extensive Research

Connoisseur is the result of extensive research and development by top scientists in the field of plant nutrition. It is designed to deliver the perfect balance of macronutrients and micronutrients to optimise plant growth and maximise yields.


Eliminate The Risk Of Nutrient Deficiencies

One of the key features of Connoisseur is its pH-Perfect technology, which helps maintain the optimal pH range in nutrient solutions without the need for manual pH adjustment. This technology ensures that plants can efficiently absorb the nutrients they need, eliminating the risk of nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.


Next Level Cultivation

Connoisseur is typically used during the flowering stage of a plant's life cycle, allowing growers to achieve exceptional crop size and quality. It is a product that is favoured by experienced growers who want to take their cultivation to the next level and achieve impressive results.

With Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur, expert growers can have confidence in the quality and performance of their nutrient solution, providing their plants with the best possible nutrition for heavy harvests and superior crop quality.

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