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Advanced Nutrients - B52

Advanced Nutrients - B52

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Advanced Nutrients - B52

A High-Powered Vitamin B Enrichment for Stronger Plants, Increased Flower Sites & Monster Heavy Big Buds!


  • Vastly Increases Vitamin Uptake
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Increases Resistance To A Wide Range Of Stressors
  • Expands Root Mass, Enhancing Nutrient Uptake
  • Provides Simple & Complex Carbs For Plant Nutrition
  • Boosts Plant Energy Reserves
  • Specially Selected For Grow Light Users
  • Promotes Bigger & Heavier buds
  • Contains Folic Acid For Increased Metabolism
  • Enhances Botanicals & Flavonoids
  • Results In More Resinous Flowers
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Ultimate Solution From Advanced Nutrients

Experience the power of B-52, the ultimate solution from Advanced Nutrients for maximizing plant strength, enhancing flower production, and achieving impressive bud density. With a potent blend of rich humates, teas, and intense natural sources of plant nutrition, B-52 delivers easily absorbable B vitamins to your plants.


Resulting In Bigger, Heavier Buds

These intense formula found in Advanced Nutrients B52 optimize the transference of vital B vitamins into plants, resulting in bigger, heavier buds that will leave even the most critical connoisseur amazed.

Using B-52 provides your plants with a noticeable boost in strength, robustness, and overall productivity.


Advanced Nutrients B52 Is The Perfect Solution

A must-have for those looking to aid recovery or improve the overall health of their most beloved strains, Advanced Nutrients B52 is the perfect solution. Experience the benefits for your plants by getting B52 today! A must have for any hydroponic, soil or indoor gardener. 

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