Migro Mania: The Incredible Migro Aray LED Grow Light

Migro Mania: The Incredible Migro Aray LED Grow Light


Welcome, my green-fingered friends, to a world where indoor gardening dreams come true. A world where the indoor sunshine doesn't just drip - it positively pours. Grab your water cans and pruners, for we are venturing into the luminous realm of Migro and their sensational Array LED grow light range.

Hailing from the emerald isles of Ireland, MIGRO is a company that's been redefining the LED grow light landscape since 2015. Their passion for optimising indoor gardening and hands on experience in reviewing hundreds of fixtures has produced a series of top-tier lights, but one product line stands out, quite literally, in its brilliance: the Migro Array.

Let's untangle the light strings and shed some light on the Migro Aray range, and oh my... its bright!




Migro Aray 1

This is the baby of the Migro Aray family, but dont let its size fool you! This gorgeous light packs 65w of power into its 0.6m x 0.4m footprint making it a great ultra compact LED Grow Light for seedlings, clones or young plants. Not only that, but it can be clipped onto another light to form a Migro Aray 2 when you are ready to expand your grow area. Simple, but genius. 


Migro Aray 2

This is where the magic begins. The Array 2 features two bars of high-intensity, full-spectrum LED lights, perfect for illuminating smaller indoor spaces. Compact in size and dazzling in output the Migro Aray 2 is a dynamo of photosynthetic efficiency. Measuring only 38cm x 46cm, the Migro Aray 2 is the perfect LED Grow Light for small tents and stealth growers who want something powerful enough to perform, but small enough to hide.


Migro Aray 3

Stepping up in the lineup is the Array 3. With three well engineered, passively cooled LED bars, the Migro Aray 3 provides more coverage and increased light intensity that its smaller brothers and sisters. With a flowering coverage of 1.1m x 1.1m, we cant help but feel that the Migro Aray 3 will hail as the flagship product from the Aray range. With its large enough footprint for most hobby growers and its super low cost to run, we cant think of a scenario where the Migro Aray 3 wouldn't do the trick. We really love this light. The Migro Aray 3 is like a little bit of sunshine, trapped inside a grow light, ready to nourish your garden.



Migro Aray 4

Next up is the Migro Aray 4. With its four LED bars generating 250w of power and a remarkable 2.7 umols/j, the Migro Aray 4 provides accurate light coverage and increased light intensity over a large rectangle area of 180cm x 90cm. This rectangular shape means it's great for awkward or irregular grow tents or gardens. Not only that, but the Migro Aray 4 is easily linked up to other Migro Aray 4 units to form a Migro Aray 8. Just plug in the cables and build as you grow! 



Migro Aray 4X4

With its blistering 500w output and premium build quality, the Aray 4X4 takes a step up from its smaller bothers and sisters in the Aray family. The Migro Aray 4X4 is for gardeners who are seriously committed to achieving prime yields. With four oversized LED bars, it ensures no plant is left in the shadows. Shane and Migro really have gone back to basics here and thought from the ground up. By having a larger light bar, heat can dissipate more efficiently and the diodes have a whole lot more space to cool down. Not only that but it give the designers much more space to perfect the spacing of the diodes for unique spectrums too. Bravo Migro! 


Migro Aray 5X5

Now, this is the one. As the title suggests, the Migro Aray 5X5 is the daddy of the Aray family and the second you get it out of the box you see why. Its powerful. Made up of 6 intelligently cooled light bars and packing a whopping 750w of pure Migro power, this light is one for the professional cultivator. We've found this light to be easily capable of flowering a 6ft by 6ft area so its perfect for enthusiastic growers who have a little extra space to spare. With over 4000 Samsung & Osram diodes intelligently spaced over its massive footprint, the Migro Aray 5X5 is rock solid and built like a tank. This thing really does look like it will last for many years to come.  



These products, while differing in size and light output, share common attributes that make the Migro Aray range shine. Each one features full-spectrum light coverage, ensuring your plants get all the wavelengths they crave, and high power efficiency, turning every joule of energy into pure, plant-loving light. What's more, their sleek design and affordable prices make them a hit among both amateur and professional indoor gardeners.

So, there you have it: the astonishing Migro Aray range. Each LED grow light in the lineup is ready to transform your indoor garden into a verdant paradise. Remember, in the quest for indoor gardening success, the Migro Aray lights the way.

Thank you for embarking on this horticultural journey with us. Now, don your gardening gloves, switch on your Migro Aray and watch your indoor garden thrive. Happy growing!

Disclaimer: Always remember to wear sunglasses when illuminating your indoor garden with your Migro Aray. It's not just about style; it's about protecting your eyes from its dazzling brilliance.

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