Migro Aray 4X4 Review. Our Verdict on the MIGRO Aray 4x4 LED Grow Light

Migro Aray 4X4 Review. Our Verdict on the MIGRO Aray 4x4 LED Grow Light

Migro Aray 4X4 Review. Our Verdict on the MIGRO Aray 4x4 LED Grow Light.

Hello, lovely plant enthusiasts of www.modernhorticulture.co.uk! As someone who's blown through more socks than I can count, let me introduce to you a product that's about to blow yours off too – the MIGRO Aray 4X4 LED Grow Light!



You remember Shane, right? Of course, you do. The man behind the beloved MIGRO YouTube channel? Well, guess what? He's back with the ARAY Series, and I've run out of socks again. Classic Shane.



Let's get our geek on!

It's All About the Techy Stuff! Firstly, the MIGRO Aray 4X4 is practically shouting with 2.7 µmols/joule efficiency. That's like the plant equivalent of "I woke up like this." This LED marvel ensures that your plant babies enjoy an even suntan thanks to the 2816 intelligently spaced Samsung and Osram LEDs. Hot spots? What are those? Even the plant in that forgotten corner will flourish!



The Migro Aray 4x4 and its spectrum is like a lullaby to your plants, nurturing them from their baby seedling days right up to their mature, bloom-ready moments. You’ve got your blues, greens, reds, and a full white spectrum, ensuring every inch of your grow space is illuminated with LED goodness.

Oh, did I mention that it only weighs 5.2kg and covers a lush 120cm x 120cm grow tent? It's like having a stealthy guardian ninja watching over your green beauties.



Comparing it to the "Others" While other brands might blabber about their LED lights, this MIGRO bad boy speaks for itself. The build quality? Chef's kiss! With premium components like Samsung & Osram diodes, other LED Grow Light manufacturers are probably wishing they could hit a reset button.

Its efficiency? A money saver! And by money saver, I mean more funds for more plants. Or socks, because, as previously mentioned, Shane keeps making us lose them.



Cool & Stealthy is the New Trend One of the show-stealers of the MIGRO Aray 4X4 is its ability to remain cooler than the other side of the pillow. With a detachable driver that can be positioned outside your grow room, it reduces heat and unnecessary tent zip wrestling. Plus, lower heat equals happier plants and longer-lasting equipment.

What’s more, with edge-to-edge light coverage, the MIGRO Aray 4X4 is turning the tables on traditional grow lights. No more uneven growth; this LED ensures that every plant feels seen.



You Want Control? You Got It! With full dimming capabilities, you can treat your plants to the right amount of light, whether they're just sprouting or in full bloom. It's like having a volume knob for sunlight. And for those looking to expand their plant empire, you can daisy chain up to 20 fixtures!



Final Verdict The MIGRO Aray 4X4 LED Grow Light isn’t just an LED. It's a commitment to your plants, promising them the best light in the business. Funny? Yes. Technical? Absolutely. Better than the rest? Without a doubt!

With Shane's expertise behind it, trust us; your plant babies are in for a treat. And, maybe keep an extra pair of socks handy, because this MIGRO masterpiece is bound to blow yours away!


MIGRO ARAY 4X4 - 5 Stars


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